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Project Publications:

The Colors I Cannot Explain (2015 Exhibition Poster) (PDF)

A Call To Halt (2013 Project Poster) (PDF)


Pamphlets from the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives:

A New Generation of Weapons (PDF)

The Arms Control Debate (PDF)

Days to Remember (PDF)

Disarmament Begins at Home (PDF)

Effects and Dangers of Nuclear War (PDF)

The Final Epidemic (PDF)

First Strike Nuclear Warfare & What a Trillion and a Half Dollars for the Pentagon Will Mean for You (PDF)


The Future In Our Hands (PDF)

Guns or Butter? (PDF)

How Congress Acts on the Military Budget & Arms Control (PDF)

If Survival In The Nuclear Age Is The Answer (PDF)

Nuclear War – Americas Greatest Health Risk (PDF)

Nuclear Winter (PDF)

One Nuclear Bomb (PDF)

Peace PAC Election Report (PDF)

Ten Actions For Peace (PDF)

Thinking About Preventing Nuclear War (PDF)

[Posted September 18, 2013]


Trends in Anti-Nuclear Protests in the United States 1984-1987 (PDF) [Posted September 17, 2013]


Archival Documents from the Nuclear Freeze Movement:

Call to Halt Arms Race (PDF)
Economic Benefits of the Freeze (PDF)
The Freeze – Fact Sheets 1-3 (PDF)
[Posted August 9, 2013]


Click Here: To Share – Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles PDF (Compressed 4.3 MB) or here: To Share – Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles PDF (Uncompressed 76.6 MB) for the compressed or uncompressed versions of the PDF re-publication of Greenham Women Against Cruise Missiles created as a project for Virtual Verbs. [Posted May 28, 2013]


Click here for a PDF journal about the exhibition “But We Cannot Speak About The Atoms in Ordinary Language” provided by the gallery by the artist Gert Jan Kocken at Motive Gallery in Brussels. [Posted April 13,2013]